Scientific background

In this section you will find publications regarding the incidence, importance, and diagnostics of respiratory diseases in pigs and also how detection of respiratory diseases has been done through sound analytics.


1 Field application of cough monitor technology: A swine practitioner’s perspective

Spronk A, Polson D, Playter S

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2 Economic assessment of a sound-based precision livestock farming tool (SoundTalks) based on timing of intervention after a dual Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and PRRS virus seeder challenge in pigs

D. Polson, C. Alonso

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3 Using SoundTalks®️ real time respiratory health status monitoring to improve grow-finish production performance

C. Alonso, A. Ghysen, S.J. Figueras, F. Erusalimsky, T. Guiu, A. Alegre, S. Badia, A. Fernández-Fontelo, ESPHM 2022

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4 Assessing production parameters and economic impact of swine influenza, PRRS and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae on finishing pigs in a large production system

Cara Dykhuis Haden, BS; Tom Painter, DVM; Thomas Fangman, DVM, MS, DABVP; Derald Holtkamp, DVM, MS

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5 Sound based health monitoring performed by SoundTalks® significantly reduces the overall antibiotic consumption nursery facilities

PH Rathkjen, M. Jensen, A. Kragge, C. Alonso, ESPHM 2022

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Other publications:

Animal Sound… Talks! Real-time Sound Analysis for Health Monitoring in Livestock

Dries Berckmans, Martijn Hemeryck , Daniel Berckmans, Erik Vranken, Toon van Waterschoot

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Novel approach for monitoring respiratory diseases in fattening pigs

Marika Genzow,K.Strutzberg-Minder, Gudrun Finger and M.Hemeryck

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Characterization of temporal and spatial patterns of clinical respiratory episodes in growing pigs using continuous sound monitoring and an algorithm-based respiratory distress index

D. D. Polson, DVM MS PhD, S. Playter, BS, D. Berckmans PhD, Z. Y. Cui PhD, B. Quinn DVM, M. Genzow DiplECPHM, O. Duran DVM PhD

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Cough Control Program for the identification of respiratory pathogens in PRDC farms

G. Schagemann, N. Wertenbroek, R. Langhoff, E. De Jonghe, E. Lewandowski, L. Eppink, S. Figueras, P. Mesu

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Course of cough in two batches of fattening pigs with different respiratory pathogen exposure

M Genzow, CO Duran, M Hemeryck, G Finger

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Monitoring of a commercial fattening herd by means of the Pig Cough Monitor and oral fluid diagnostics

M Genzow, CO Duran, K Strutzberg-Minder, G Finger, M Hemeryck

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Practical application of the Pig Cough Monitor in a German fattening pig herd with PRDC

G Finger, M Hemeryck, CO Duran, M Genzow

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Determining the optimal number and configuration of sound monitoring devices for detecting and assessing directionality of cough in growing pigs

D. D. Polson, DVM MS PhD, S. Playter, BS, D. Berckmans PhD, A. Stoffel PhD, B. Quinn DVM

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Baseline Reference of Swine Health and Management in the United States, 2012


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