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“We have been working with SoundTalks® for 1 year. Well, the part that is the most practical for us is the fact that having an alarm in a certain batch of animals makes you focus more time supervising those animals.”

Teresa Guiu

Veterinarian in charge of Piensos Costa’s Caspe Farm System, Spain

“The generation of this alarm triggers the farmer to review all the environmental parameters (such as temperature and humidity settings) and also makes the farmer more attentive in the area where the alarm has been generated.”

Juan Jovellar

Veterinarian at Vall Companys, Spain

“Using SoundTalks® for the last 7 months have been a great pleasure… We have improved our capability to lower the cost of having diseases.”

Soren Andersen

Spottrup Svineproduktion, Denmark

Early detection

Early detection

SoundTalks® supports you to detect respiratory disease 5 days earlier than with conventional detection methods1



24/7 sound data analysed using Artificial Intelligence provides you with a trustworthy and objective way of detecting respiratory problems earlier1

From anywhere

From anywhere

Not having to spend as much time in the barns looking for respiratory symptoms means that you have more time to plan and manage your day-to-day tasks

Better health brings productivity gains

Better health brings productivity gains

  • Better health leads to improved ADG and reduced mortality.
  • Positive ROI ranging from 2.5 to 7.9 depending on current market conditions.

Objective health data that improves your decision and time prioritization

Objective health data that improves your decision and time prioritization

  • Helps schedule and prioritize your day to focus on your most important tasks.
  • Helps you allocate your precious time to the right group of pigs.

What is the value of an early intervention triggered by SoundTalks®?

A 5 days earlier intervention has shown:


Average daily gain (ADG)


Individual treatments

Throughout the period January 2011 through December 2020 the mean monthly ROI Ratio was 4.27, ranging from 2.52 to 7.902

How much do I save with SoundTalks®?

Number of head per batch

Number of head per batch

Average weight IN per pig placed

Average weight IN per pig placed (Kg)

Average Days-On-Feed

Average Days-On-Feed

Feed cost per 'metric ton'

Feed cost
(/1000 Kg)

Market price premium pork

Market price LW (/Kg)

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